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AVALON] aka Swanicakes. we used to hate each other because we were in different groups at school until we kind of met by accident. We've been best friends for the last 3 years. Now we go everywhere together and just do crazy stuff. I don't know what I'd do without her. We plan on going to greece to live in a villa for a few months before college and I know we'll keep in touch for the rest of our lives. She's kind of like a mother to me too and keeps me from making mistakes. But even when I do screw up she's always there to forgive me. she's absolutley gorgeous and if i was a guy I'd make her have my babies.


STEVE] we met at the beggining of last summer and things have been rough but we work through it. I guess it's working because we've been together for over 10 months. I don't know what I'll do without him. He's the class clown and the QB on westford academy's football team, not to mention a total babe ( the picture is terrible but he wont let me take any)

PAT] well we met in cooking class a few years ago and he's basically the funniest kid ever.

MISH!!] we were like best friends and then we went to different schools and she moved. We keep in touch but not as much. =(

JENN] shes a riot because she has ADHD to the max and I love her to death. when we watch scary movies she bites me and stuff.... haha she's kind of weird but thats jenn for ya. we have insane ddr partys and movie nights like every week. we've kind of grown apart but what can you do...

DARYL] I love his eyebrown in that picture. he can be an ass and he can be so sweet you just want to hug the shit out of him. we were best friends for like 10 months until we just decided we hated each other for some reason. now we're friends again but it's not the same.

I have some effed up friends but I guess that's why I love them so much.

these are the only pictures I have of my friends sorry.

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