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It's Dance Time...


oo1. name:
oo2. age: 17
oo3. sex: Female
oo4. location: Cincinnati, Ohio
oo5. sexual orientation: Straight
oo6. favorite animal: Guinnea pigs, or cows.
oo7. favorite color combination: black and white.
008. your best friend(s): are high in quantity and named Sarah, Frank, Sean, Polly, Katie, Kelli, and Alex...
009. have you ever been in love? Yes
o1o. single or taken? (show us pictures if you can. Taken

o11. if you could meet anyone, who would it be and why? J Mascics, because I have been obsessed with his guitar technique since I've been about 6 or 7.
o12. If you could switch places with anyone, who would it be and why? Paul Westerberg, because he gets paid to be shitfaced drunk and make beautiful music.
o13. Do you think Ellen Degenenres is pretty cute? Sure, why not.
o14. do you have siblings? (how many and what are their names?) No.
o15. Do you like to harass people online? No.
o16. speaking of online, what's your MySpace so we can hit you up? (and who the fuck says that?) My myspace was killed long, long ago.

o17. Top 10 Bands:
-The Replacements
-Dinosaur Jr.
-The Stooges
-Neil Young
-The Minus 5
-The Rolling Stones
-The Lemonheads
-The Old 97's
-Elliott Smith

o18. Top 5 Movies
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
-High Fidelity
-Return of the Living Dead
-A Clockwork Orange
-Spinal Tap

o19. #1 favorite book: High Fidelity-Nick Hornby

The Very Few Opinion Questions
o2o. gay marriage:
For. Any country that has the right to deny a gay man of bridal registry is well on it's way to becoming a facist regime.
o21. animal rights: Well, I'm a vegan, but not a forcefull one. In my opinion, I feel I should  respect all things beyond our species, especially animals, who are also fully capable of feeling a lot of the same feelings we face daily as humans. I could care less of you're life style, or how you choose to treat things, but that's my own little way of making a difference.
o22. promote us somewhere, or a few somewheres. for every place you promote, we'll double one of your yes votes. communities made just for promos don't count.


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