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It's dancing time

oo1. name: Kassandra
oo2. age: Sixteen. In three days.
oo3. sex: Female
oo4. location: Fair Haven, New York
oo5. sexual orientation: Heterosexual.
oo6. favorite animal: Kinkajou
oo7. favorite color combination: Hmm... blue and yellow or purple and yellow. Or pink and yellow, if the yellow is really pale and so is the pink.
008. your best friend(s): Are wicked cool? My best friend and I have been best friends for ten years, we can pretty much read each other's minds. And our birthdays are one day apart. So we rock.
009. Have you ever been in love?: I want to say yes, and that I am right now... but I'm only sixteen, and people don't usually believe it when I say it. Which is understandable, I usually don't believe other people when they say it... which is... weird... I guess. Hm.
o1o. single or taken? (show us pictures if you can): I'm taken, but the only picture I have is a black and white picture of us kissing, and its kinda bleh. If you are seriously dying to see it then let me know, I'll post it.
o11. if you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?: Fredryk Phox. Because he is... g o d.
o12. If you could switch places with anyone, who would it be and why?: I don't know. Probably no one. I don't really care to know what other people's lives are like, I don't envy anyone so there isn't really anyone I'd want to be for a day or something. I might want to be a bird.
o13. Do you think Ellen Degenenres is pretty cute?: Sure.
o14. do you have siblings? (how many and what are their names?): One brother, Marcello.
o15. Do you like to harass people online?: Haha as lame as this will probably sound, yeah. But only people that I know will get flustered by it. It's so funny how upset people get over the internet.
o16. speaking of online, what's your MySpace so we can hit you up? (and who the fuck says that?): Mmm... I dunno. I have a myspace but I never use it. my name on there is Kassy. I'd get the link but um. It takes effort. And I never use it so it's pointless.

o17. Top 10 Bands:
Not in order
- Beatles
- Bob Marley
- Fall Out Boy
- Modest Mouse
- The Bravery
- The Ramones
- Shaggy
- Jimmy Buffett
- Laura Pausini
- Sinatra
- Jack Johnson

o18. Top 5 Movies
Not in order
- I have to say Napoleon Dynamite. As overrated and over quoted and trendy as it is, I liked it. Plus I have a wicked funny story about the school variety show that wouldn't have been possible without Nap Dy...
- Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
- Office Space
- Liar, Liar
- Saw

o19. #1 favorite book:
Hm. I think it's a tie between Deception Point and The DaVinci Code, both by Dan Brown

The Very Few Opinion Questions
o2o. gay marriage: I think homosexuals should have the same marital rights as heterosexuals, but I don't agree with a religious ceremony for homosexuals ONLY because it would be contradictory since homosexuality is definately not cool religiously. I'm not religious, but I have respect for it. Yeah, but they definately deserve the same benefits/rights/whatever. There's no reason why not.
o21. animal rights: Um. Being mean to pets is wicked lame. Other than that... hm. Don't kill the endangered ones.

o22. promote us somewhere, or a few somewheres. for every place you promote, we'll double one of your yes votes. communities made just for promos don't count.

After I submit this, dark_sister, lov3zy00 will have been promoted to, as well as a link in my info and my community's info fuckb_e_a_u_t_y


please give us at least 4 CLEAR pictures. As many as you'd like are welcome.

Sorry if these pictures totally blow. I'll have new pictures after my birthday because I'll finally have a camera again.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
^my AWESOME cousin and I

^my cousin and I were doing butterfly tatoos♥

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And, like I said, since these are wicked old and pretty shitty, I'll have more after my birthday.
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