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I play drums. A lot.

I've been playing for about 4-5 years. My friend Josh was actually the one who got me started. I'm not nearly as great as him, but I'm decent. I like to do covers, so I play a lot of The Offspring songs. Their music, to me, is just really fun to play and great.

The Drumset: It's mostly all Sunlite. The high hat is Pearl. The snare drumhead is Remo. Everything else is Sunlite. And parts of it were given to me by Jesse

Pictures (below): Interesting day that was. It was quite a while ago. I was attempting to show my friend Dan (You can see his arm) how to play a few simple beats. But the ogre decided to steal a drumstick, act like a little kid, and just bang on the highhat and crash cymbal. So yeah, that was a failed mission. Haha. I also didn't have all the drumset at that time. Because Josh needed to borrow the mid toms, floor tom, and ride cymbal for a show. Yes, we just trade pieces around.

Right, and I just now realized I'm not on the members list. I applied about 2-3 months ago. Name is Morris. I'm hoping this isn't one of the communities my hacker hit.
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