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name: Lindsey
oo2. age: 17
oo3. sex: female
oo4. location: Maine....
oo5. sexual orientation: i like boys =]
oo6. favorite animal: Tiger
oo7. favorite color combination: Pink and black.... Dunno why i just love it. but i also like lime green and blue
008. your best friend(s): Sammi(i have known her for about 3 years) Erin (known her for 8 years) and Russell (known him for 5 or 6 years)
009. have you ever been in love? i thought i was once.... but i think i only thought i was because i thought that was how i was supposed to feel..... u know?
o1o. single or taken? Single.... hopefully taken going out with a guy tomorrow after my finals.... wish me luck all.
o11. if you could meet anyone, who would it be and why?Marilyn Monroe, becuase i think she is so beautiful and also becuase she may have looked small but i guess she was like a size 14.... i just would love to meet her to sit and talk with her. she is my hero!
o12. If you could switch places with anyone, who would it be and why? I don't think i would switch places with anyone permanently becuase im not the only one with probalems.... but i think i would like to switch places with the one of the olsen's just to see what it is like to be famous:)
o13. Do you think Ellen Degenenres is pretty cute? In her own way i think she is....
o14. do you have siblings? i have one sister her name is Kayla she has a 3 year old son she is 23
o15. Do you like to harass people online? only my friends.... not people i don't know.... well i kinda did once but i met the guy after and he knew i was her friend (it was my friends x-boyfriend)
o16. speaking of online, what's your MySpace so we can hit you up? <-------that is me!

o17. Top 10 Bands:10)green day


8)Marilyn Manson



5)smashing pumpkins

4)Joan Jett and the blackhearts

3)Louis XIV

2)goo good dolls


o18. Top 5 Movies 5)charms for an easy life

4)glass house

3)white oleander

2)Batman forever

1)fight club
o19. #1 favorite book: the perks of being a wall flower

The Very Few Opinion Questions
o2o. gay marriage: i think marruage should be between 2 people who love each other. i dont think telling someone they cant marry someone becuase that person is the same sex is right.... im sorry and if people have such a big problem with it then they need to take a look at their lives.... i have so meany gay/lesbian or bi friends.
o21. animal rights: i think u should go to jail if u hurt an animal this is one thing i believe in strongly. i think that people should NOT be able to hurt animals. it is so wrong. i think we should take anyone who has hurt an animal and hurt them like they hurt it. if the beat it to death they should be beat to death... ok that is a little harsh but u get the picture:)


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